Mar 15, 2011

lazy monday...

Today we had a holiday. A holiday from school, a holiday from book work, a holiday from + and = and %. But certainly not a holiday from discovering and creativity. 

Today, I lay in our tent and listened to the wind shaking the trees with our small, white, dog at my side keeping me company.

Today, I watched my brothers play pirate lego making funny noises and yelling out "Arrgh! Me hearties!" at the top of their voices.

Today, I spent an hour drawing and doodling, with a short, stubby pencil,  just because it's fun!

Today I listen to my Mother reading my little sister a story while she (my little sister) pointed to something in the book that was either colorful, or strange.

Today, I lay on my bed and read 'The Musicians Quest' by George Macdonald with my window w-i-d-e open, a steady breeze blowing about my room.

Today, I playing the 'Japanese Koto' on the piano for what felt like the one millionth time!

Today, I played "camping out" with my younger sister Laura while pretending to cook rabbit stew using a clump of dirt and a small pot of water, stirring constantly!

Today I listen to the 'Celtic Woman' sing 'The sky the dawn and the sun' on youtube listening to how beautiful they harmonised.

Today, I enjoyed the day God gave me. Today, I enjoyed today for it's beauty.

~Briony Katie~


  1. don't you just love days like that? There so precious ;)

  2. GREAT pictures. :) Mud soup... nom nom nom. :P But I remember that used to be the most fun I could imagine having! Oh well... things change. We get older and closed minded. :)

    Your blog is so beautiful, so glad to have stumbled upon it!

    Bleah Briann @

  3. You take beautiful pictures!

  4. Days without school are always the best! Lovely pictures. :)


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