Mar 12, 2011


I have been studying Japanese (on and off) for almost four years now. You may be thinking "Wow, she must be very good!"  but no, I am hardly fluent in the language. I often say to my friends "I can speak a little Japanese and I am fluent in English!"  Yes, I know, corny joke but true. ;)

A week ago tomorrow, I went to a different congregation of our church because my father was preaching there that day. I meet a Japanese exchange student named Mako Kawaguchi. She is twenty years old with shiny red hair and twinkling black eyes. I went up to her and introduced myself, (in Japanese of course) and so followed a small conversation in Japanese.

me: "Konichiwa!"

Mako: " Konichiwa!"

Mako: "I am Japanese!"

me: "Yes, I know." 

me: "Watashiwa Briony deus."

Mako: "Watashiwa Mako deus."

Mako: "You speak very good Japanese!" 

me: "Oh, Arigato!" 

etc. We spoke to one another sometimes in English, other times in Japanese but we became good friends. As it was almost time for her to leave she asked for my email address. I was more then pleased to give it to her whilst, writing down all my younger brother's and sister's names.

I waited for about five days until I received an email from her which was a very sweet message with photos of her and I attached.

It was extremely windy that day, hence, the crazy hair.

This photo is so small because of the quality. It gets blurry when widened.

From left to right. Laura holding Elyssa, me, Laura's friend Holly, and a little girl whose name I do not know who jumped in at the last minute.

If you have a television or radio, you have probably heard of the massive earth quake and tsunami that hit northern, and central Japan yesterday afternoon. The death toll is rising by the hour and thousands are missing. The majority of which, would be babies and young children. Please be pray for Mako and her family and friends, plus, all the other families in Japan right now.

Mako, if you are reading this, I hope nothing has happened to your family. Bye. 

~Briony Katie~


  1. I will be praying for everyone in Japan- Mako looks so nice and friendly!

  2. She is super friendly!

  3. How nice1
    It;s shokcing what's happened in Japan :( I can't believe it!


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