Mar 11, 2011


*Sigh* Friday. Last day of school for the week. The excitement of the upcoming weekend. The lazy afternoon sunshine. Yeah, I am loving Fridays.

We have a fantastic backyard. It is big and full of flowers and old oaks and eucalyptus trees and, of course, sunshine. So this morning we decided to soak up the sunshine and play camping. A game that my brothers and sisters and I have been doing for a long time.

We basically grab a hammer, a few old sheets, and some rusty star pickets and pitch a rather odd looking tent.

We play the for hours at a time. We pretend we are ship-wrecked on a desert island or lost out in the bush. What ever the theme, the outcome is always hilarious.

Being lazy

Laura, enjoying the shade.

Listen to birds singing.

This little guy, (my dog Fudge) having a good chew on his favorite toy.

just because it looks cool. ;)

We had a good day. :D

I can not keep make this post any longer because I have to rush off to youth group. Thank you for reading.

~Briony Katie~


  1. What fun :) I *love* fridays!

  2. a beautiful hot and sunny day!
    here, rain+snow=slush (sigh)

  3. Fridays, best day of the week!!


thank you for just made my day!