Feb 25, 2011

Nature Study

A part of school work that we all enjoy is Nature Study. It is a school project that we undertake at least once a week. A ramble in the garden, a search for bugs and insects, an art lesson. We all have fun with it.

On Wednesday, we (my brothers and sisters and I) were each given a task. We had to scout for four different objects, which, after finding them, we would sketch them into our Nature Study books.

We all set off about the garden searching for our next modles, which we would draw.

My two younger brothers walked around the garden sharing one red butterfly net, which, of course, they caught butterflies in. That was one of their four objects.

My younger sister Laura took an amazing amount of photos of roses, which, she would copy off her camera.

I thought I would find a snail or two to sketch. I found, just about, the biggest, fattest, slowest snail ever, in our letter box. (I have a good idea as to why it is so big)  I then kept searching for my other three objects. I found a odd, yet pretty purple flower, an orchid, and a rabbits ear. (A plant that's leaves have a soft texture) I then took my treasures inside to sketch.

The dining table was strewn with water colour paints, crayons, pencils, rubbers, stencils, and sharpeners. Along with us seated opposite one another, sketching, each so engrossed in their activities, it was hard to pause to eat lunch.

Another exciting discovery we have made is finding yet another, over-grown cherry tomato plant in our garden. (Which makes a grand total of three, cherry tomato plants)

I go and check on it often, to see if the little green balls growing on the prickly stems have turned bright red. If they have, I pluck one and pop it into my mouth, "oh man, this are so good! I've got to have one more."  *Reaching slowly for another* "this one is even better then the last! Just..one... more...little...tomato" *Greedily snatching for another cherry tomato* "YUM! I can't take it! Give em' to me!!" *Picking every last tomato and stuffing them into my mouth* - *Feeling guilty* "Oops."

My two younger brothers successfully caught five butterflies, one brown caterpillar, and a blue dragon fly.   (A little over the four-object-mark but they enjoyed themselves)  After catching them, they put them in a jar, and kept them for an hour or so just gazing at them. 

Soon, we won't be seeing any more butterflies or flowers, for Autumn is setting in. The weather is cooling down bit by bit, and part of my family are coming down with a winter-time cold. Yeah, I am going to miss summer. :(

Moving on once again to another subject, I have been awarded the sunshine award by India. I have actually been awarded this award twice before, so, I must have three times more sunshine then other blogs! ;)

I think the rules are with any award, is to award to five other fellow bloggers. (Correct me if I am mistaken India)

So, Miss


You girls have been awarded the sunshine award.

(Girls. Please don't feel obliged to do a post about this award unless you want to)

What a better way to end a post about nature with a sunshine award?

~Briony Katie~

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  1. Nature is such a blessing! There's so much out there to find.
    I love that photo of the roses! It's beautiful :)
    Congratulations on being awarded the Sunshine Award three times! Your blog truly deserves it.
    Have a nice day!


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