Feb 12, 2011

Life under my roof

This post will consist mainly of the highlights of the past week(s), so please bear with me as this post may turn out a little awkwardly as the author is feeling that way herself.

Almost a month ago now, on Sunday the sixteenth of January, my friends, family and I, all put in a terrific effort to move house. If any of you few readers are familiar with the rushed, hectic fashion of moving house, you can understand what we (my family and I) have been adjusting too.

But please do not feel judged by me if in fact you do not, understand the feeling of moving house. For I myself know a few people who last moved house when they were under five and thus, do not remember it at all. So please, let me show what it is like.

I'll be quite frank with you, moving house is not a very enjoyable experience. There is the packing, shifting, lifting, climbing, pushing, pulling, carrying, then the unpacking of boxes. You must then arrange things the way you like it, then rearrange things because one particular item doesn't look "quite right" against a particular wall. 

Then, there is adjusting to your new surroundings. Getting over a slight homesickness. And trying to get used to the unfamiliar light-switch or the door nob that has to turned the wrong way, or perhaps a very confused rooster crowing at mid-day instead of early morning.

But moving house has it's upsides as well. For example , exploring your new backyard and discovering the large climbing trees. Walking bare foot on the hot cobble-stone drive way. Setting up your tiny bedroom until it feels like home. Picking cherry tomatoes from an over grown vegetable patch and waiting for the home-grown raspberries to ripen.

 I suppose every move is a different experience for everybody, no matter how many times you have been through it.

My dopiness due to lack of sleep has thus deprived me of wanting to blog or even sign in to my dashboard. So please forgive my lazy, old, self, as she is blushing with embarrassment at not posting about the QLD floods.

The dismal, rainy weather has decided to subside, letting the hot, summer sunshine take it's turn, which our acclimatized-to-wet-weather bodies are still getting used to. So, the only way to cool down is to have a giant water fight with, buckets, squirt guns, and watering cans,  which is finished off with ice-creams and an episode of the TV series Get Smart. 

:) Fun.

The terrible floods have also decided to subside, leaving streets full of muck and debris. A week ago, cyclone Yatsi hit north QLD, therefor, creating an amazing amount of damage to towns, and properties. Gail force winds whipped through Dawin, Mission Beach, Cairns, and many small suburbs in north Queensland. At Mission Beach, roofs were ripped off, waves towering eight metres high sloshed over the streets, and all the Banana crops were ruined, along with the tall, green sugar crops. Bye, bye sugar and bananas for the next year or two.

Soon, summer will be over, and the threat of floods and cyclones will diminish, leaving Australia feeling tranquil, and safe...until next year that is.

Another tidbit of this past week is a birthday party. My cousin Cody, upon turning ten, decided to throw a Stars Wars themed party, inviting my siblings, a few friends, and I to join in the fun. There were some very  interesting, new characters attending, such as: Princess Lay-about, Tim 'o Milo, Kodikin Skyflyer, Jeremy Saber-Swinger, Princess Cassadala, Ryan Cloud-burster, Count Yogo, and plenty more, which I'm not even going to attempt to remember.

But my siblings and I, decided not to create our own characters, we more, recreated the old ones.

We had...

I made the headpiece out of paper mashe!

There was also Lumannara, and Han Solo but their photos are on my father's phone and there for, I can not display them here. :(

But the night was enjoyed! There were light saber duals, star wars cake, and pizza, along with plenty more fun and games.

Another birthday that has come and gone is that of my 'still baby sister' Ely Rose. She turned two not two days ago. She is so beautiful, my family and I are so blessed to have her.

I think she enjoyed her birthday, although she was a bit over whelmed, she was enjoying the large amount of attention.

We all gave her a large, plastic cubby house which is covered in princess stickers. She loves it, and calls it "My house."

Opening her gifts. She started to get a lot more excited come the third present.

Trying on her pink, feather clip-clops from her older sister Laura.

Enjoying her cubby house, she spent most of her day in there!

Playing cubbies with her big brother.

It was a pretty relaxed day. My sister and I went to our piano lesson, came back to three younger siblings talking about how much fun they had at the park without us.

 But Before Elyssa Rose did get her trip to the park, she dressed herself in her fluffy, pink clip-clops, stripy leggings, mini skirt, grabbed her doll and favourite book and was off out the door. She looked adorable. A typical two-year-old-girl.

That afternoon, my father got off work early and came home to celebrate.

Elyssa blew out her first candle and listened shyly to all the family singing "happy birthday."

                                                          Dorothy the dinosaur birthday cake.

Blowing spit all over the cake.

She enjoyed herself.

Changing the subject once again,  my blog design. I know I've been chopping and changing my design often  but I couldn't make anything I liked. Now, I think I like this. I love soft blues and greens and this is perfect for me. I hope you like the fresher feeling as much as I do. I'm still working on a background but I'll be back in the groove shortly.

Thank you so much for putting up with such a long blog post...although I have no doubt the impatient reader skipped down to the photos without even bothering to read the text. ;)

~Briony Katie


  1. Hi Briony, great to hear from you again! We moved a few years ago so I know what it's like.:)
    Love your new design!


  2. That was a lovely post, and YES I did read all of the post!
    my family moved in 2009 and it was interesting!


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