Feb 16, 2011


Yes. Hand-me-downs are lovely things. Especially when they have been cared for carefully and lovingly by their previous owners. Being the eldest child in my family, I don't often receive clothes passed down from an older sister, because, of course, there isn't one. *Sob* But I suppose someone had to come first. ;)

But I do have a cousin who does happen to be five years older then me, and that cousin (a girl) does occasionally pass down a few pretty pieces of clothing to me. Most of which I might add, are still  in surprisingly good "knick."

And so, none more then four days ago, I was handed two pieces of clothing passed down from my cousin.

A beautiful turquise singlet top with cute spangles sewn to the bodice, and, to throw over on those chilly evenings, a dainty, crocheted, cardigan.

Out of the two, I liked the cardigan best. Perhaps because it can be placed with a range of different outfits, or perhaps it is because of how comfortably it sits on my shoulders. Call it outmoded if you wish but I adore that cardigan!

~Briony Katie~


  1. Anonymous22.2.11

    LOVELY cardigan! I loove cardigans :) So I saw you moved, I know how that feels! I'm moving this week to a new apartment so I'll be going through all of that soon! In the past year I moved 4 times, so I'm getting used to it already, hah :) and LOOVED the new layout! :)

  2. I love your blog, Katie! Thank you for stopping by mine. :)

    Oh, and I'm with Gaby about
    cardigans...they're great!


  3. Both pieces are very cute! :)


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