Feb 26, 2011


© Copyright Briony Katie 

         "Dream as though you'll live for ever, live as though you'll die today."
                                                                                           ~James Dean           

Dreams. We would be so bored without them. Day-Dreaming. Dreaming at night. Dreaming about my future. How can a brain survive without dreaming once in a while?

When I was younger, I used to dream that the trees and flowers were my friends. I would talk to them and they would either bob their heads or rustle their leaves and answer back. I still sometimes talk to the flowers and the trees, only when I am alone. ;)

I have a box full of diaries from two-three years ago full of childish fancies and dreams. I still keep them because the inspire me today to dream BIG, and I often dream of becoming a published author.

I love to write. Constantly I have a new idea for a book or a poem, I write down the first paragraph, only to forget it and months later discover the lost story or poem. I dream of becoming an author.


"The lady in her silk white dress goes over the white bridge across the glittering ice lake below. She looks up into the velvet night sky and shining stars and says: The light in the stars are bright, the moon is a wonderful sight, sleep child, sleep tonight. The stars are beautiful and bright, for they give light. The lady walks back to the castle.
                                                                    © Copyright Briony Katie 

I wrote that poem on the 7th of March 2007. I was feeling extremely dreamy that day, and so I wrote an equally dreamy poem. I have that poem written out on rose-pink paper in cursive writing. I love it. It certainly shows a young eight year-old girl with an imagination.

This is a particular poem I wrote not long ago. I was looking out from my window one frosty morning. I was entranced by how beautiful the dew drops look on the grass. I hurriedly wrote down a few lines on the subject.

"Soft, green, grass shimmering bright, like tiny silver fires alight. Dew drops hang from every blade, sunshine making it melt away. While we are asleep from dusk to dawn, the dew invades the dark green lawn making petite icicles form so when we awake in the morn, frosted grass awaits." 
© Copyright Briony Katie                                      

Dreams are so special. Without them, life would never be exciting. I think we all need not just to dream our dreams, but chase them. Pusure them. Work with them. Who knows? Perhaps one day you may just catch them?

~Briony Katie~

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