Jan 11, 2011


If you live in Australia, you have most likely heard of the amazing quantity of rain QLD has been having. Some cities up north from where I live are under 16-17 metres of water.
The city I live in has many streets cut off because they are no longer streets...they are rivers. Yesterday one of the streets in town have cars floating along it, along with beds, sofas and tables from the flooded furniture shop!

They have confirmed eight people dead, while seventy-two are missing from surrounding suburbs.

My house is not badly bothered but the yard, verandas, and road are under 6-7 centimetres of water.

Please be praying for the families where I live and in the surrounding suburbs who's communities are in in far worse trouble then mine is.

This is our basket ball court: Underwater

Our back veranda: Underwater

Front veranda: Underwater

Garden: Underwater

Road: Underwater
Garden: Undewater

Front yard: Underwater

I'll be keeping you up to date with the latest news over the next couple of weeks. 

~Briony Katie


  1. This flooding is awful! Dad's study and shed flooded, but houses around the corner had water gushing into them and the streets were rivers! It's simply awful :(

  2. Oh wow! I will be praying for you guy's. And all the people missing.

  3. Anonymous12.1.11

    I heard about it, and I feel so sorry :( We have A LOT of really bad floods in Brazil, so this feels close to my heart, totally will be praying for your country!! ;) (BTW, I'm SO glad to see you use the metric system in Australia!!! haha) And will get your new button too! :)

  4. Anonymous12.1.11

    Oh, and I finally found your blogroll, haah thanks so much for liking me, dear! :)

  5. looks awful. I will pray


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