Dec 30, 2010

Merry (belated) Christmas

Do you think Christmas shall forgive me for being so slack when it came to posting about one of the most important times of year? Well, I you guaranty I'm not the only one. ;)

The days leading up to Christmas were full of anticipation and when Christmas eve finely rolled around, the house was full of nothing but smiling faces.

Christmas Eve was a day of present wrapping, card writing, Christmas cooking, carol singing and of course, spending time with family.

We made the short trip to my Grandmother's and Grandfather's house for dinner. Driving down to their place, the car was filled with red and green wrapped presents and bags full of good food. Once getting there, we all exchanged plenty of hugs and kisses until all the younger children persuaded the adults to open all the presents early.

The living room was then filled with sounds of ripping paper, and excited "Thanks yous" and "How did you know?"

After unwrapping all the gifts, everyone ventured outside for a games of table tennis, air rocket, bubble blowing and billy-cart rides.

        I was not the only one snapping away, as you can see my Grandmother was enjoying her new camera too.

Table tennis is always an enjoyable pass time at my Grandparents place. My Father likes playing it     especially.

                      Plenty of nibbles and fruit kept our tummies full until dinner was ready.

After dinner, my younger cousins and my younger siblings put on a nativity play. Unfortunetly, I didn't take any photos. I was told I was to be the "light girl", I had to switch the lights on and off between scenes. We all enjoyed the play which, believe me, didn't fail to entertain! ;)

      And that was Christmas Eve. And just when you thought it was over, Christmas Day comes next!

My family and I spent Christmas Day at home. It was a nice change considering the fact that last few years, Christmas Day has been spent else where.

After having a rather restless night, I woke up with an excited feeling in my stomach as we all do on Christmas morning.

Once all the family was gathered in the living room, we all exchanged presents and opened stockings.

      Laura was more then pleased with her presents. She loves cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

My Father and my Brother enjoying playing with brother's new Christmas present, TECNIC.

I scored myself this gorgeous Pandora bracelet, along with this equally gorgeous heart shaped ring.

Christmas Day breakfast and morning tea was special but it was the Christmas lunch that was truly appetising.

BBQ Atlantic salmon with a crisp Caesar salad, chicken drumsticks and lemonade with bitters to wash it all down. How mouth watering is that?!


We all enjoyed our family Christmas, what a shame Christmas can't be every day, but then, we wouldn't have anything to look forward to, would we?

                                                                   Around here, we love Christmas.


  1. Great post!!

    ~ Laura
    p.s It was a fun time

  2. Christmas time is always fun! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself :)

  3. Anonymous4.1.11

    thanks for your help on choosing my water mark, i agree with you, i like that one the most! ;) great post and pictures, it looks like you had a great time!! it made me miss Christmas in Brazil since it's summer there too at this time of the year. enjoy a summer january for me! :)


thank you for just made my day!