Dec 22, 2010

Christmas Cooking

Since Christmas is just three short days away, we have all been busy in the kitchen whipping up all those goodies with loud carols BLARING in the background that Christmas just can't go without. Don't you agree?

After a lick, or two, or three, we ended up with an extremely messy kitchen with chocolate stained aprons and biscuit crumbs covering the floor.     

  If you haven't noticed already, one of my weaknesses is eating to much sugar. I baked, again, which of course mean't me eating far to much Brownie batter.What can I say? I have a sweet tooth. Well, maybe more then one. ;)

This little fellow was enjoying himself immensely. Taking a lick from each bowl, and running off with the ingredients.

  Laura was continually asking me to snap photos of her "posing." I'm not quite sure if there was even anything on the spoon.

 Plenty of chopped up marsh-mellows and turkish delight ready to be mixed up with melted chocolate to make our favourite Christmas treat, Rocky Road.

            "Little Miss Clause" stirring the chocolate sauce. She is most certainly into the Christmas spirit


Everyone in my family is extremely creative, so Laura decided to express her creativity by drizzling melted chocolate over marshmallow clouds and Turkish delight. It looked good  enough to eat, though it was to pretty to destroy.

We still have plenty of delicious nibbles to make, such as rum balls, gingerbread men, and of course it wouldn't be Christmas with a plum pudding and hot custard.

Merry Christmas!

~Briony Katie



  1. Wow! They look good! I have been busy making three kinds of fudge for Christmas presents, and they turned out fine :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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