Dec 1, 2010

Summer Holidays

Summer. The word makes you think of calm-cool breezes, golden sunshine, clear blue water, BBQs and sandy, shell covered beaches.

Holidays. Picture in your mind's eye. Relaxing on the beach without a care in the world, not even daring to wash up any dirty dishes, sleeping in without having to worry about school, or chores, or rushing off to work.
Mmm...yes. The words 'Summer' and 'Holidays' go together like peaches and ice cream.

And since getting back from a summer holiday of my own, I only wish they last for ever.

                 We all enjoyed plenty of long walks along beach collecting shells and jumping over waves. 

Each day was spent relaxing in the in the sunshine by the beach, and playing the freezing cold water! 

Some days, there would be an extremerly strong currant. We'd float on our backs and be carried along with it. It was so refreashing and relaxing.

It was amazing just how blue the water was.

We all took turns fishing. But all the fish we caught were not eatable. Shame to, I like fish. :)

Each night my sister and I would snuggle into our parent's warm bed to read. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks would slowly lure us to sleep.

One night, my sister and I had just switched out the lights. We hadn't drawn the blinds yet so we could still see out into the black night sky.  Slowly that black night sky became lighter, until out of the shadows emerged a full moon all creamy and golden. We lay there just staring at it until was swallowed up by dark storm clouds. We didn't see it again. It was worth staying awake for.

On our last day we enjoyed ourselves at the beach just like all the other days but it was the afternoon we all found special. We went exploring rock pools.

Its amazing all the little creatures you find lurking in these pools.

We had such fun exploring every rocky outcrop and shallow pool. Although little did we know, that among that city of stones, there were other stones...grave stones.

There were plenty other grave stones as well. It gave me an eerie feeling inside to be walking in a grave yard.

That night I lay in bed thinking about that Alysha Jardine. She was only eleven years of age and she died.  She would had dreams which she didn't get a chance to fulfill.  It made me feel sad to know she had left all that behind but what made me happy was that she is now in heaven with Christ The Lord.

Now we are all back home with sand still in our hair and sun kissed. Now, recovering from one holiday, we are getting ready for another, Xmas. Our tree is up, and two gifts wrapped up in bright red paper have mysteriously made their way beneath it.

After Christmas will be even busier then Christmas itself. We have to move house. We live in a rental and the owners have decided to move in. We will be moving early January. I have a feeling inside of me that is sadness mixed with excitement. The sadness of moving from the house we live in now, to the excitement of moving into a new one.

Enjoy getting ready for your merry Christmas.

~Briony Katie


  1. Wow! It's hard to believe that you have Christmas in the summer!!!!

    It looks like you had fun at the beach. I Love it there!!! <3

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your time away! I'm excited, cause my whole family ae going to Caloundra for a 2 week holiday tomorrow! I didn't know you were moving house. Where to?
    Nice to have you back on your blog once again :)

  3. Yeah, It's strange to me too, about having Christmas in the Summer....

    That beach is absouletely BEAUTIFUL! :D
    poor girl......

  4. I love your photos, you AMAZE me! I'm glad that you enjoyed your holiday! I hope that moving isn't to hard!xox


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