Nov 15, 2010

Life is busy...but I'm loving it!

Just as the title states, I'm loving my busy life. Truly I am. There are two different types of busy. There is the hectic busy, all rushed and flustered,  or there is the calm busy when you accept there are things to be done and you have something to look forward to later (like a block of chocolate and a good movie.).  I am the calm busy.

At the moment in Sydney my mother and father will soon be going out for some lunch and later, getting ready for a wedding. My mother has chosen her outfit and she looks absolutely stunning in it. Both my parents were quiet excited when they left for Sydney on Saturday.

You may ask what are my parents doing leaving five children at home while they are off at weddings in Sydney? My parents aren't that cruel so they decided to leave their three girls with our Grandmother, and the two boys at at our cousins' house.

I'm not sure how the two boys are going but I can assure you that the three girls are having quiet a good time with a block of chocolate and a packet of  Arnotts mint slices to share between them.  ;)

Now I come to the important part of this post. My parents get back on Tuesday night 8:30. Wednesday my baby sister gets her cast taken off, and on Thursday, my entire family leaves for a nine day holiday by the beach. Mmm, I can almost smell the salt water now. That also means I shall not be posting for at least eleven days. (the extra two days are meant for unpacking and sleeping) This will be my last post until then.

I'm going to miss my blog but I think a break is exactly what I need right now.

I'll be back from my holiday with plenty of photography to share so brace yourselves.

Love from your bloggy-beach-chick Briony Katie


  1. Life has been busy for me too! Have a fantastic time away, and I look forward to hearing from you when you get back!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the two different kinds of busy! I try to be the 'calm busy' but things do get a bit hectic at times!

    Have a simply marvellous holiday and take lots of photos to show us all!

    Eebee x


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