Nov 3, 2010

Catching up,

It's been a while since I posted and I have a lot to catch up on. I'll get started.

If you asked me to sum up one word for this week, it would be BUSY.

Three members in our family had all their birthdays in one week. We have plenty of left over birthday cake in our refrigerator, and both my parents have been invited to a wedding, so, Mum has been really frazzled trying to chose an outfit to wear. Plus, we have begun planning for our nine-day-holiday by the beach which will be in 3 weeks. Yes, we have been busy.

Although, even if it has been busy, we can always look upon the bright side. Firstly, we are getting a new family car, yes, a nice clean, white, tarago. This is what a tarago looks like.

Secondly, I have ordered my patchwork quilt. Yes, I have spent all that saved-up-money. *Sniff* but it is worth it.
Here is a photo of the quilt.

Now, too much text and no photos, and I have plenty of photography to share.

For my brother's birthday, we spent the afternoon at our city's water reservoir. We played on the flying fox for ages.

The drought is finely over, so the drive down to the dam was beautiful, all lush and green. Hasn't been that way for more then five years. It was a nice change.

We all enjoyed pushing each other on the flying fox.

This little kookabarra,  ("laughing bird")  let us get right up close.

That, is where part of my city's drinking water comes from. Yes, I know, its quiet low.We've only just gotten over the drought.  It's slowly getting back to normal.

We also have a very excited eleven-year-old-girl running around our house preparing "goodies" for her tea party on Sunday. The way things are going, Its going to be a very lady-like party.  Especially since a friend of mine and I have been asked to wait upon the girls. I also have another one of my friends coming,  us older girls will be sitting at a separate table.

More left over cake in our refrigerator on Monday.


  1. That quilt is really pretty...i like it! i like the photos, too. you're a really good photographer. :) thanks for following!

  2. Wow!! Sounds like loads of fun! And your new quilt is soo cute!

  3. I love the new quilt! And the tarago looks really nice and spacious!
    See you Sunday.

  4. Hey bri thanks for the comment you posted me. Your blog is really good to.Bye! caleb


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