Oct 12, 2010

for when it rains...

My favorite time to take photos is when it has just rained, or if it overcast and not to glarey or bright, and the best part is, you can catch raindrops on the flowers and trees. Since its been raining cats 'n dogs at my house, what better time then to take photos? 

This is the most weirdest-craziest-funniest photo I think I've ever taken.
                                                                                       It is the trunk of an umbrella tree in our backyard.

I love this photo! It just has to be one of the best photos I've ever taken. Look how the raindrops just sit perfectly on the flowers. And that gorgeous pink on the petals.  

      My brother's bike tire. Next time you accidentally squash an insect on your bike, remember this photo! 

Look at how the raindrops are hanging from this "curly flower."

This is a paper-bark tree. An Australian tree. It's bark is used to make paper.

Our swing set. It also had a small raindrop-covered spider web hanging from it which I tried to capture, but it didn't turn out right.

Also, this week I had a haircut. It used to be very long, now, its just above my shoulders. I didn't like it at first but then, I noticed it suited my face shape so much better then long hair. It's layered with a side swept fringe   (or bangs, whatever you call the short piece of hair on your forehead) I quite like it now. I'll have to post a photo of it soon.

This Friday, Laura, my mother and I are heading south from our place to a nice suburb in Brisbane called Redcliffe. We are praying for nice weather. So far God is answering our prayers. Redcliffe is forecast to get sunnier and hotter over the weekend while we are there.


  1. I'm confuzzled...where do you live? I don't know a lot of people with umbrella trees in their backyard...


  2. Lovely photography!
    It has been raining tons here too!
    I hope you have a splendid time away at redcliffe. It is a lovely town.
    I hope we'll see you soon!

  3. Hi Bri, love the cool photos you've taken. Have a fun time away this weekend! :)


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