Oct 26, 2010

Cowboys & Indians

We threw a Cowboys & Indians party for my little brother who, tomorrow, will be a very happy 5yr old boy.

Everyone was dressed as cowboys or cowgirls. The only Indian was my sister Laura.  What was even cuter was each cowboy wore a fake mustache.

Plenty of fun and  games, such as parse-the-parcel, cowboy-cowboy-Indian (our version of duck-duck-goose) chiefs and Indians, and a poesy hunt.

In the 'posey hunt' I had to lead the four youngest boys on the hunt for the lolly outlaw. (aka, my father with lollies taped to his clothing) we had to find four clues hidden in the backyard and then chase madly after my father trying very hard to pull lollies of his coat.

You may ask where the older kids were? They were put inside a "corral" or marked area which they couldn't exit from. We did this to give the littlies a fair chance at the lollies. Don't worry, my father ran once or twice through the corral so that the older ones got a few lollies each.

As you can imagine, my little brother was so filled up with sugar, we couldn't keep him down. But I guess that's how it is every day. :D

Broken Arm Update

My baby sister is doing fine. Although, she has to go back to the Hospital on Friday for another X-Ray, and perhaps get her old cast removed so they can put on another fresh one. Other then that, she is her happy, chirpy self.


  1. What a loevly party! Your little brother must have really had a great time!
    Thankful to hear that Elly Rose is doing fine! When does she turn two?

  2. The party looks like fun!

  3. Awesome party and brilliant theme! I wish I could have a birthday party like that!


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