Oct 10, 2010

Blogs are for making memories

One year ago, a tall, browned hair girl wanted a blog. She was inspired by her lovely aunty who had, a couple of months before, created  her very own blog. After reading her aunty's blog, this young girl was very interested in the art of blogging. Soon after, she asked her mother if, she too, could have a blog. Her mother said she could, and the next day, that young girl still remembers sitting at her computer desk, staring at the monitor, asking herself, what could she blog about? That young girl, was of course, me.

My very first post included this image of me when I was eleven, that was two years ago.

My second post was about me. My likes, my dislikes. Who I am as a person, and about my family.

Many posts after that were, well, lets face it, boring. Many of them were only one sentence. I didn't see blogging as an amazing experience in which I could make memories and also make friends, I saw it as a pass time, an excuse for school work, an activity which I'd only ever use if I was board. Over the past year, I have discovered that there is much more to 'the art of blogging' then I thought.

Looking back, I sure had some fun times. Some sad ones, and a few funny ones too. And I have sure made some amazing friends. Some live half way across the world. But through all, I made some fond memories.

I hope I've come a long way since that first post. I hope my blog is pleasing to read and not boring. I know I still have a long way to go in my blogging, I suppose its the same for any blogger, no matter how long they've had a blog.

I guess its safe to say...happy anniversary Katie's Korner.


  1. Congratulations Brionie! Don NOT worry, your blog is absolutely awesome! I am so glad I have the privilege of reading it and being a follower!
    Let's hope your blog stays how it is for yet, another year!

  2. Dear Bri'
    Great blog! I love it! I hope that you continue to blog the way you do! You are an inspiration!
    By the way congratulations on your blogs anniversary!
    xoxo - Your favourite cousin!(Joking) :D


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