Oct 23, 2010

Back from our holiday

The past weekend has an enjoyable and memorable time for my sister, my mother and I. Although, the drive down was pretty hectic. The traffic was what can be expected in a big city like Brisbane. For example, we were stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam for 45 minuets straight.   Then, we couldn't find the cottage because a particular person did not know the right address. *Cough* Cough* But besides that, we had a lovely time.

This is the cottage we stayed in. It is hidden behind a sweet little garden filled with rose bushes and palm trees.

The beach was just 2 minuetes walk from the cottage. I have to say, it was just about the most peacful beach I've ever seen.

On Saturday night, we went out for dinner at a Indian Restaurant. It was a whole new experience for Laura and I. One of those 'new experiences' was Laura and I getting our dinner mixed up with our dessert. 

We did the bouffant, and so we chose our own dessert. We both chose chocolate moose with mint sauce, not peppermint sauce , mint sauce. Yes, mint sauce is meant for drizzling over lamb chops, we thought it was peppermint, like the ice cream. So, as you can imagine, we didn't really like our dessert. Other then that, the curries were delicious 


On Sunday, we left the cottage permanently and headed off to the Sunday Markets near the jetty. I have to say those markets were really relaxing.  Everyone knew everyone.

While walking along the jetty, we saw this young couple taking their toddler, and puppy  for a walk. The pup would have only been a few months old. It was the most playful, frisky puppy I've ever encounted. I just wanted to pick it up and give a big cuddle!

After grabing some lunch (yummy wraps) we headed off to do some more shopping at the DFO outlets.

We shopped till we dropped right into small plastic chairs with a cold mango smoothie. It sure hit the spot.

This is what my hair looks like. I didn't do anything with it that day except brush so it looks a bit wild. Do you like the new length?

Who is this beautiful young lady?

After finishing off our drinks we left for home. 

Also, my baby sister has broken her right arm. Apparently on Friday, 15 minuets after us girls left for Redcliffe, she tumbled off the couch. My father thought she had hurt her head but no, she has broken her arm. 

She now has a cast on and is doing extremely well. She is still laughing and smiling and hasn't complained once. She is a strong little girl. 

 Love you princess!


  1. Hi Bri!
    Sounds like you had a fantastic getaway despite traffic jams, *mint* sauce, and getting lost!
    I love the photo of you and Laura at the restaurant and the picture of you drinking your smoothie.

  2. P.S. Love your new haircut, and you and Laura have amazing eyes!!

  3. What a wonderful time away! Redcliffe is a nice place!
    I'm so sorry for your sister. I hope she gets well soon.

  4. Well well well you told them about the mint sauce.
    It's OK. I think it was really funny what we did. ( not).

    I love the post!

    ~ Laura

  5. Hi, Bri
    So glad that your holiday turned out great!
    Looks like you and Laura had an awesome time, hope that the mint source wasn't to bad!
    xo Chloe
    P.S. Please give your little sister a kiss for me, I hope that she gets better soon!


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