Sep 14, 2010

Tibits of this and that *PLUS*

After much anticipation and wasted picasa space I have finely  (Drum roll please)  completed my header, and backdrop design!
FEWWW!!  *Wipes sweat off forehead*

I still haven't made a button or changed post title font, but in the next few months I'll tackle that and keep up with posting.

(By the way, I really appreciate the way you guys have still left comments on my blog encouraging me with the design. Thank you all so much!)

Since I haven't done a proper post in the last two weeks, there is a lot to catch up on, so lets get into it.

I just love Skpe. We Skyped our cousins last week and we had so much fun. (Even though we lost connection a couple of times because of the rain storm outside it was good)

I'm very excited because  today is exactly a week until my birthday. Instead of pressies this year, my relatives will be giving me money to buy myself a patchwork quilt. *Ka-Ching*
I've narrowed it down to two and I'm finding it very hard to chose. One moment I'll want one, then the next moment I want the other.  Grrrr!

Spring is most certainly springing. Yes the weather seems to be getting warmer each day. Flowers are coming out every where. Its just so special watching a little boy's face light up as he watches his seedlings begin to sprout. 

And of course I just couldn't leave out a photo of my precious little sister who is learning new words each day.


 Isn't she just adorable?


  1. your blog is looking terrific! when is your birthday exactly?
    Your sister sure is cute! When will she be two?

  2. **sighs** ahh, quilts...if only my patience would run farther to attempt my third. But I think two is fine for me - for the moment!

    You did a excellent job on your header!! And - I *love* your blog!



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