Sep 2, 2010

S.H.S & happiness is...

S.H.S?? Spring-Has-Sprung. It feels like only yesterday it was the beginning if winter. Its amazing just how quickly the seasons change. Last week it was bleak, and windy, then, all of the sudden it changes like day and night! The air even smells like spring.

Its even hot enough for ice cream. Right now I'm eating a strawberry ice-block. Hmm...with a hint of...strawberry??

(Like you really needed you know that)

Anyway...enough about ice cream. Head over to Carlotta's blog and see what happy happenings have been happening in her life this past week. (I think I just used the letter H five times in one sentence there) ;) But first, lets see what has made me happy this week.

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

                           These two little boys. Always 'play fighting' so they call it.

                            And, running away from 'big sis' who is chasing after them with a camera.
                       Silly aren't they?  If you have younger brothers, you probably know what I mean.


Happiness is..

   Yes, this photo looks just terrible (bad lighting) but I had to use it. Laura is just CrAzY about her barbies.
She has this MASSIVE dolls house which she just adores. Even though it takes up quite a bit of room, its really lovely.

Hey, has anyone noticed I can my photos X-LARGE now?  I've widen my blog a tiny bit. No its not quite as wide as I would have liked but its okay.

If anyone knows how to widen a blog template please notify me.

What happy happenings have been happening in your world?

There I go again with the H word(s). :D

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