Sep 28, 2010

My birthday surprises

I was spoilt rotten on my birthday last week. Despite the fact that Mum had the flu, I really quite enjoyed myself.


Here are some my presents~

                            This is a gorgeous jewelery cabinet, which, of course I hang my jewelery in.

                                A very pretty decorative box which I keep on my oak dressing table.

                                                                   Lovely {fake} flowers.


                        And I couldn't forget my Sony digital camera. I've snapping away all week!

Breakfast time~

                                                            Blueberry and banana pancakes.

                                           Mmmm. I love blueberries. (And taking photos of them)
Out and about~                   

As a bit of a treat, we went to the Cobb and Co museum. It had just been extended. It was larger, and had plenty more exhibits.

  As we entered the building, we were all very anxious to get started.

                     First, came the dinosaurs. I think this one is somewhere between a turtle, and a Dino?!

                 These are the jaws of a Australian dinosaur called the Diprotoden. Don't worry, its extinct.

Next up, the amazing display of coaches.


  These photos have not been editored, plus, I wasn't holding my camera propley which I later found out. Thats why the look a little wobbly. Sorry.

 At the bottom of each carriage, they had set up a small pile of vinatge suit cases. When you opened the top one, a recording of  a person's voice began to play, telling the story of the person who owned the carriage. Whats more, inside the suitcases, they also displayed some of the person's belongings. It was fun opening up each one!

        Just look at this old fashioned camera. Back in the 1800s, it was very rare to ever own one of these.

    While we were in the children's play area, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of this mother and her three adorable daughters. They were all trying to serve their mother at once. Very cute. :D

                                                         My little brother on top of 'Socks' the horse.

                      After some delicious strawberry milkshakes with big blobs of ice~cream...
                                                                     ...we headed back home.

As you can see, I had a wonderful birthday, and that's only the beginning. In October, My sister, my Mother, and I will be going away for a weekend to celebrate me being thirteen. So, I'll be packing my bags for that soon. :)

Also, there are only three days left to vote on the poll on my sidebar. Make sure you do. :D


  1. Your presents were so pretty!
    You sound like you had a lot of fun!
    I recently turned 13 too!


  2. Wow! You sure did get some nice presents!
    I'm glad you had a nice time at Cobb and Co. Museum! We should go and see the new exhibits sometime soon.
    Have fun away in October!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Birthday!

  4. That sounds so FUN!

    How dod you get your photos so big? Just wondering...



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