Sep 19, 2010

Inner Beauty: Looking in the mirror

Sorry about the delay with the next inner beauty post, being 'Looking in the mirror'.

If you have no idea what I'm gonna be talking about, its basically a way to be beautiful without the latest apparel, or hairstyles. I hope this will help you in some way or other.

Looking in the mirror

Us girls, we are all different, from our personality, to our looks, but we can all agree of one thing, we are never satisfied. No matter how much time and money we waste on ourselves, we are never, ever satisfied. No matter what we do to ourselves, we can always find something about us that is ugly. I want to put a stop to that.

How about you get up, and walk to your mirror, what do you see? Well yourself obviously but I want you to look really really closely past all the zits and blackheads, what sort of girl are you looking at? Is she kind, helpful, quick to stand up for someone? Our is she selfish, unhelpful, and mean? My friends, you are looking at a princess, a true princess. She may not be wearing the pretty dress or the golden crown, but she is a princess.

You are a special girl. You may not think your pretty, but you are. And you know what makes you beautiful? The fact that you are God's daughter, and he placed you in this world for a reason. He thinks you the most beautiful girl in the world. But he isn't looking at your face, he is looking at your heart.

You need to measure your heart, how much of it is right, and how much of it is wrong. You can't do that on your own, so ask God to help. Once you have mastered the art of being a true princess in the heart, you have got true beauty.

Before you go to bed tonight, look at yourself again. Who is she now?

(Sorry it was so short, but I hope you got something out of it)


  1. Thanks Bri! I like the way you write!

  2. That is really encouraging!!
    You are a good writer.

    ( Happy Birthday)

    ~ Laura


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