Aug 20, 2010

Pure Rain

Who doesn't love the sound of rain softly falling on their old tin roof? Who doesn't love falling asleep in your nice dry bed while the rain wets the ground outside? Who cannot love rain?

The feeling of contentedness as you snuggle down to watch a movie or read a book as the rain pours down abundantly.

To set your camera aside for one day just to savor the sweet delight of rain.

                                                                           Pure Rain.

But rain can also bring,

Weeds. Growing in your flower and vegetable patch. You must get down on your hands and knees to pull them up.

Floods. Scores and scores of rushing water threatening to sweep away you home.

But at the end of every storm, there is always a rainbow.

If you have rain in your life threatening to hurt you and your family, just remember, Noah made his way out of the flood all in one piece.

Or even if you have weeds in your life, all you have to do is pull the up.

Keep you eyes set on God, for he is your salvation.

Enjoy your sweet rainy days.



  1. Hey Bri!
    Nice photos! I like the changes you've made to your about me page as well.
    Love, India

  2. I LOVE rain, oh so much!


  3. The first picture is simply stunning. very cute!


thank you for just made my day!