Aug 19, 2010

laura's photo contest

Some of you may or may not have visited my sister's blog, she is hosting a photo contest which ends tomorrow. (Yes it was naughty of me not to post about it sooner!) ;D

The aim of the game is to post four photos of the weather where you live. So if you enjoy photography, go and join in. (the rules are all there)

                                             The sun is beginning to rise about 5:00am now,

                                                               and the flowers drink it up.
                                                                    Spring time is blooming.

                                                       And then come those lazy afternoons.

One word for the weather at our place?



  1. I saw her contest, it looks really fun, but I don't have a camera. My mom does but right now theres no space for more pictures! :(

    I hope I can enter her next contest! :)

    ps.Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful post.

    Tell Alex that my contest has three more days to go now.

  3. Anonymous7.9.10

    Spring is wonderful!! We are headed into Fall here... I love the cool weather!


thank you for just made my day!