Aug 14, 2010

Inner Beauty: Stepping out in smile

Hello all. I've really excited to introduce to you a series I'm gonna be doing called 'Inner Beauty.' It will be a once a month thing were I'll post about today's culture and the way teenage girls look at it. So today's topic will be 'Stepping out in smile.' Enjoy!

Smiles and snow peas are...related?

Ever grown snow peas? Ever seen the beautiful white flowers the produce? I have. They bloom all the time. Non stop, and the more you pick them, the more they grow.

Ever seen a baby's first smile? The way their eyes light up and how they show their pink toothless gums? Its an amazing moment and each day after that, they keep on smiling.

Have you ever noticed some teenage girls never seem to smile? They just frown and stare blankly into space. Or on the catwalks (if you ever watch those shows) you'll notice the never really smile unless they are asked to.  Its considered to be cool.

Teenage girls and boys (mostly girls) are constantly being put under pressure. Our culture says you 'must' have this particular hair cut but if you like your hair the way it is then why cut it? Our culture says you 'must' wear these particular clothes but if you like the way you dress why change it? Our culture says you 'must' smile a particular way but God made your smile perfect.

Our smiles are just like snow peas, we need to pick them to make them grow. Don't just save your smiles for special occasions, use them daily so they don't die. Not only does it look great to smile but it shines your inner beauty out upon everyone you meet.

Begin stepping out in smile. You will look amazing.


  1. Thanks Bri! That's encouraging. I will try to step out in smile!

  2. Thanks for an awesome post Bri!
    Look forward to reading the rest of your 'Inner Beauty' posts.

  3. Very good post!
    I l0VE to smile!

  4. Nice post! :)


thank you for just made my day!