Aug 10, 2010

Here comes the bride, sort of.

 Last year me and my sister Laura watched heaps of girly movies, mostly ones when the boy and the girl get married (typically girly of course) or just your every day romance ones. (aww come on , we've all watched them, stop giggling!) 

  Anyway,  it inspired us to dress up and have our own little play wedding. (Notice how I put ''play" in italics there, it was not real!) ;)  

                                                                  Ah! Here comes the bride. 

                                                         And the Groom is rather nervous.

                                                     The Bride is particularly happy today, 

                                                                  Who wouldn't be?

                                                          Married to such a...interesting fellow.  

And thats just how crazy we are were. ;D 

The ceremony, has officially, ended 


  1. Hilarious! You look very petty though!:)

  2. That's very funny!
    The outfit you've got on is gorgeous! Where did you get it?
    Did Laura mind being the groom?!

  3. Typo! I really meant to write "pretty". Sorry about that!

  4. No worries India. Hi, Holly. that outfit isn't even an outfit, its a sheet!

  5. what fun :D
    you guys are so funny . :D


thank you for just made my day!