Aug 12, 2010

Happiness is...

Yes today is Wednesday (well actually were I live its Thursday)  but who cares?

Happiness Is...a>

Happiness is...

You won't believe it what happened yesterday but we were on the way to piano lessons, I was just staring out the car window and I found my self looking at the ditch and what do you think I saw fluttering across the road...A $20 note!! I yelled out to Nan and said "Quick! Stop the car its a $20 note!" She stopped and I ran out and grabbed it before it blew off again.

Score! There was no one around so I claimed it! Wow! That only happens to one in a million people, and me of all human beings to find one! Crazy, I know but really cool.

Happiness is...

Being invited to my friend Eebee's slumber party on September 3rd. Pity I didn't take a photo of the invite, it is so pretty. :)

What happy happenings have been going on in your world lately?


  1. Wow!
    That's cool!
    I hope you enjoy the party! :D

  2. wow!!! i too hope you have fun at the party.

    Lauren Anne

  3. Wow Bri!
    Did you know that happened to me? I was in Canberra, and I found a 20 dollar note!
    Have fun at Eebee's paty! India is going too!

    Holly. xxx

  4. Hehehe.
    Glad you liked the invitation.
    It was really fun making them - can't wait for the party! It's going to be SO FUN!! I keep forgetting your blog address so I haven't looked at your blog for ages. :( I will see if I can figure out how to follow you...
    And could you please let me know whether you are DEFINITELY coming to my party? Thanks!!


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