Aug 13, 2010


I have so many cute photos of my grandparents from when they were little, to teenagers...very cute!
(Will they ever forgive me for saying that?) :D

Firstly, Dads parents.

This is my grandma, Nan on her huge brown horse. We scanned these pics so they may look a little damaged. :(

My Great grandparents, (the two adults) and Nan in the middle.

My Nan (the older girl), and sister Gail (the little one) with their pet dog. (I have no idea what the dog's name is) :D

Nan, young women at 18.

Now my Dad's Dad. Sounds weird huh? Anyway Gumpy (Grandfather) is the baby in the middle. His two brothers are the older ones.

Gumpy again holding a Koala Bear.

Gumpy, young man.

Now Mum's side. 

My Mum's Dad, we call him Grampy or Granddad. (He is in a swimming pool)

Grampy playing golf. P.S did I mention he's from Scotland?

My Mum's Mum. Nana. She went to heaps of balls.

Nana and Grampy's wedding day.

I can't show pics of my parents due to safety reasons. Sorry.

But I can show one of me. (Yes I was posing for the camera) who do I look like?


  1. Wow Bri!
    Those were some eally interesting and OLD photos! I'm guessing you were posing your Nana on her wedding day! Am I correct?

    Holly. xxx

  2. Awesome! Some OLD photos! xxxx

  3. That's a really cute photo of you Bri. :D

  4. I love that photo of your Nana when she's eighteen - she looks really pretty!

  5. Wow!!! I love old pic's!!!


thank you for just made my day!