Aug 7, 2010

Daisy Photography

                                             Is there any other flower...

                                                  ...more enchanting...

                                                    ...then a daisy?

Not that I know.

What is your favourite flower?


  1. Your blog is wonderful Briony I love it!

    My favourite flower/s would have to be

    a daisy, Wattles, violets, roses
    and really any flower that's pretty

  2. I love daisys too!
    But my favorite has to be lillys and water lillys!


  3. Hi Bri!
    This is India. I LOVE you blog. So creative!

    My favourite flowers would probably have to be poppies. Or roses. Or these ones I grow once but I can't remember the name!

    Bye! xxxx

  4. Anonymous9.8.10

    hey Briony! I loooved your blog! these pictures are lovely, I loove photos of flowers! so you live in Australia? I dream about going there one day. :)


thank you for just made my day!