Aug 23, 2010

6 blogging tips

Ever sat at your swivel chair (if you have a swivel chair) and just stared at the computer screen dumbly trying to cook up something to write that will inspire your readers and express yourself? It happens to all of us. So here are some easy-peasy blogging tips that can help your blogging crises.

(p.s these are just my opinions, please don't take anything personally)

1. When you write a post be careful not to write one that is super short and very boring, your readers are not going to come back to your blog unless you write something worth reading. For example, I write about my life, school work, and things with meaning, not like 'Hi, had a F.A.B day, have to go and have a snack, bye! bye!"
Those kind of posts don't have any meaning in them. Write something that shows who you are and thats worth reading.

2. If your a newbie to the whole blogging world, it can be hard understanding what blogging actually is. Well, blogging is only 20 or so years old, its pretty new. The name 'blog' comes from the word 'weblog' and someone decided to call it a 'blog' or 'blogspot', they say the name just stuck. Why do I blog? Because I enjoy it. I find it relaxing and enjoyable. Its very much like an online diary for me, but it means much more to me then that.

3. If you want to have follows, or even better, people who actually read your blog, its a good idea to read theirs first. Don't just scroll down through their pages, but actually sit down and read their posts. Always remember to comment at the end of doing so, make sure to introduce yourself, then write something that will inspire them to go and read yours. Don't say, 'Hi I'm Briony Katie, your blog is cool dude, come and visit mine, you'll love it!'  Yeah, it may seem like an invite to you, but really you are putting pressure on the person, they don't need.
How would you feel if you were asked a thousand times to read someones blog? Kinda frustrated huh?

4. When you blog, its a good idea to definitely not mention your personal information. Such as your full name, age, your address, email, etc. Also make sure your blog is fairly private. Don't allow it to be found on google, or listed on blogger among a million other blogs. You can change this by going to your settings and saying no to: 'let search engines find your blog' and: 'add your blog to our listings.' Your blog will be so much safer if you do so. Because there are people out there who are just flat out mean, and sometimes dangerous. You have to be careful of these people.

5. When you get new followers its a good idea to check them out first. You can get your parents to check out their blogs (if they have one) or just look at the different blogs they follow. If they follow blogs with adult content or blogs that have swear words or show rude images, thats were you draw the line. Ask your parents whether you should block them or just be extra careful, You'll be really happy you did it!

6. Above all have fun with your blogging. And if you still have trouble with your blog, you can read other's blogs and see what they post about and be inspired. But always remember to just be yourself and not to copy anyone else's style of writing. Happy blogging!



  1. Thx Briony Thats helpful


  2. Thanks Brionie!
    I will follow those tips!
    Holly. xxx

  3. Great post! Actually, though, "blog" is short for weblog (web log). The person who started it just called it "blog" for short one day. and it stuck. I don't want to be rude, just thought I'd let you know :)


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