Jul 9, 2010

"To clean up, you first must make a mess."

Which is exactly what we did today. You see, our house is long and straight, it has four bedrooms (one former office) and two living areas, kitchen (where else would I bake?) dinning and foyer. The smallest bedroom was the office with two large book cases (we have TONS of books) And computer desk with school books and boxes.

Anyway, Mum had the idea that I should have my very own bedroom. HOORAY!!! (After that burst of enthusiasm you can guess what I said.) :D  Anyway, we began to transform the office into my bedroom. Easier said then done.  It took ages. We didn't get it all done of course, just the basics.

You are probably thinking "What on earth have you done with your book cases?"
We've moved both into our large foyer. It looks really nice actually. So that's become our very own library.

Laura now has her own room until the baby is big enough to move in with her. Lucky they are girls, cause her room is pink, yes pink.

We both shared the pink room until this morning, now Laura is cheering for joy because I won't be in there to annoy her. :D She's pleased, and yes she will miss me, as I will miss our late-night-chats.  

So, there you have it. We wanted to clean up, we made a mess, cleaned up, (only to make another mess tomorrow) and I have my own room. Ahhhh.


  1. congrats on getting your own room! i can't imagine how much owrk it was to convert the office into a bedroom! moving furniture in and out sounds like hard work.


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