Jul 23, 2010

lost and found

Lost items (in this case, books) are such a nuisance, you want to use that particular-lost-item but you can never find it. Ever had that kind of trouble? Welcome to my world. :)

Well Mum was moving another of our bookcases and found some old books from when she was younger, and ones she had bought years ago but had not even glanced upon until now, books that I could be reading, books that have that i'm-in-another-world feeling to them. Big, fat, thick books that you can never seem to finish. Books that I could be gobbling up right now! (Thats just a figure of speech by the way) :D The lost and found.

Here are some of the items that were rediscovered. 

Martin the warrior: by Brain Jacques. 

Tales from Shakespeare: Lamb  

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arther's Court: Mark Twain  

And you wouldn't believe it, one of my  favorites...

Trixie Belden: Kathryn Kenny. 

Well four of them actually. ;)

I'll be busy this week. ;D


  1. That's so awesome that you found some Trixie Belden books! I LOVE them!!
    Which ones are they?

  2. I can't remember! There were to many! You can borrow them if you like.


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