Jul 20, 2010

Its times as these that are priceless...

Spending time with your family, driving up to a park that is rested on top of a small mountain, staring out over the hills and roads below us, feeling like you can see the whole world stretched out before you. You feel a soft breeze blow against you and you think about the people down there and what they are missing.

We all get to pick an ice cream flavour, it takes us all ages to choose. Chocolate, caramel, berry, twisty. We all get our ice creams and we try to make them last long but they are gone in a few minutes.

We walk out over the bridge and over to the park. We spend half and hour there playing, shouting, and laughing. The little ones are wearing a smile from ear to ear as they discover how much fun it is to slip down the slide.

When its time to leave we are all hot, tired but very happy and when we get home the little ones fall asleep.

 Don't you think that its times as theses that are priceless?

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