Jul 10, 2010

Garage Sale Bargins

Yes we have been shopping the easy way. Garage shopping. We have found some gorgeous bits'n pieces and are enjoying them here at home.

1. Laura bought herself a pink and cream candle burner for her bedroom at night.

2. I bought myself a cute brown and gold fake leather purse.  (Fake leather purse...am I cheating??)

3. Laura bought herself another item... a cream wooden chair. It looks antique and very pretty in her room with her old desk. :D 

4. Next...Ewan bought (with Mum's money) :) a 'Lightning Mcqueen' puzzle which surprisingly has all it's pieces.

5. Mum bought the baby some plates with Pooh bear pictures on them for 20c.

6. Mum also bought Ewan a bike to grow into. (Caleb rides it instead) :)

7. Once again Mum bought two white wooden shelves for Laura and I to use in our bedrooms.

We are still in the proses of moving the bedrooms around, tonight I'll be sleeping in my "Box" bedroom. :) 

Have you scored any 'Bargins' lately?

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  1. We had fun

    do you think my room looks nice Bri??


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