Jul 27, 2010

Eager to begin

As much as we all enjoy the holidays, we all have to admit we miss school work. Call us nuts if you wish but we really enjoy our school work. Maybe its because of the amount of craft that is involved of perhaps it's because of the fun activities that are included in our everyday life...we just love our schooling. :D

Reading. As probably already know, reading plays a big part in our schooling. There is always a read aloud, a book list, a child with his/her nose in a book at our place. A lot of my reading includes reading others' blogs but I love reading books too. At the moment I'm engrossed in Martin the warrior Tales of redwall.  Anybody who enjoys adventure stories must get their hands on this book. My younger sister loves reading Trixie Belden, I don't blame her either, they are such good books. My younger brother...well, lets just say he is reading every book he can get his hands on. And the littles...they are reading all the time.

Nature Journals. Art also plays a big part in our schooling. We all have nature journals. An art book we each use to record our 'outside' finds. Such as flowers, we pick a particular flower, sketch it, and write a paragraph about it. If we catch an insect, we do the same thing. Or if its a new season, such as spring, our main nature study would be color or flowers. We all enjoy this activity.

Now you can probably see why we are so earger to begin.

What do you enjoy in your schooling?

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