Jul 3, 2010

A day out

Yesterday was a day out most of the family. Early yesterday morning the boys woke up, got dressed, packed, and went with Dad to drop them off at two different houses. One went to Nan's, the other to Marnie's (Marnie is our great-grandmother) They had a busy day of shopping, movies, and "Helping Gumpy in ah shed!" Gumpy...our "special" name for our Grandpa. :)

 Me and Laura went to the movies with our friend from church Naomi. Toy Story 3 was screening, we lined up and finally got in. It was a really good movie, very funny! :D

What have you done this week??


  1. Hey Katie :)

    In response to your question you left on my blog, I'm not using a blogger template right now...I designed it myself using HTML, which is pretty complicated. Before I used the orange Awesome Inc template (the Blogger in Draft one) and changed around the colors.
    I hope that helps you a bit! :)


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  3. Hi again! Thanks for the comment! And of course it doesn't put me off from reading your posts :D I love them haha


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