Jul 19, 2010

8 years old

Happy birthday to my younger brother who is a happy 8 year old. *Sigh* it feels like only yesterday I was holding a tiny brown eyed, black haired one day old baby boy at the hospital, he was such a darling little thing! He still is but I can't say that to him, he says he's to old for that sort of thing now. ;)

He woke up this morning very quietly as he didn't want to wake any one up so they could sleep in. His little brother on the other hand was up and ready at 6:30am to watch his big brother open presents.

We had a family party for him yesterday, his two cousins Jeremy and Cody came with a scooter, Nan and Gumpy came with a book on rocks (He loves rocks, I didn't until he showed me just how many amazing types there are, Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted?) Our great grandma came with a remote control Tarantula-spider, and this morning from us he got Test Match game (A cricket board game) K'nex to add to his wide collection, more rocks, and a couple of other  kink-knacks.

This morning as a birthday treat we are going to a fun museum the Cobb and Co. 

Happy birthday!

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