Jun 16, 2010

A walk

The other day we went on a short walk around our neighbourhood. The wind was blowing and the last rays of sun were glimmering behind the trees. We all rugged up in beanies, scarfs, coats, and socks then we took a new route which me and my sister discovered. We walked down our street turned a corner into another and at the very end of this street we found a small hidden path way lined with honey suckle. We walked up it and found a long street lined with lilly pilly trees. (lilly pillies are small pink berries that the aboriginals ate)
Its funny how many surprises you can find when you are walking isn't it?

Our dog Fudge (we called him that because he used to have the colour caramel on him like the lolly fudge, we should have called milky!) :D He loves his walks when he occasionally gets one, so we took him too! He loved running about at the dog park at the end.


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