Jun 24, 2010

Sunshine+Gusty wind+Bikes and Balls=Just Perfect

As the title suggests we have been riding bikes, and kicking balls around and teaching a cute little baby to kick. :D

Much of this week has been "taking it easy." Our wood fire is always burning and the house is toasty warm. Yesterday the wind decided to get excited and started blowing leaves and dust about. That didn' t stop us! Out my brothers went and grabbed a ball. My sister and me followed on our bikes. And Mum and the baby headed out too.

My younger brother Ewan calls out to me "Wanna play kick Bri??" How could I say no to such a little angel? So we kicked the ball around till the baby decided she was no longer content exploring  and joined in.

After we played, talked, and played some more we decided it was getting to winding and went in. I made some steaming milo (hot chocolate) and we snuggled up to read. Today we woke up to another windy day but how could that stop us?



  1. sounds like a lovely day!

  2. It was, thanks Carlotta.
    You know Ashley don't you?

  3. i don't know her in real life (i wish i did!), but i read her blog :)


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