Jun 19, 2010

Sister fun...

Since there is a new addition to our family (which I might add is a girl who was born a year ago) Me and my slightly younger sister Laura are planning what we are going to do with our baby sister Ely Rose when we are older. In five years time I'll have my licence, so I'm planning to go to movies with her, shopping, treating ourselves, you know *Girl stuff*. And Laura had pretty much the same idea...only I'll be getting my licence first, so I'll be driving three people around. (We'll see what my parents have to say about that) *Grrh* :D

Our brothers are like, "That sounds soooo boring!" or "I wanna go!" from the youngest. :) (He used to be the youngest until the "girly" or "lissa rose" came along)

Don't you love being a girl? ;)

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