Jun 4, 2010

My Favourite things, well some of em'

I haven't really done a post before of my likes and dislikes so I thought might as well do one now.

Things Around the House I Like...

Mum's pretty dried out lavender.

Old brown photo frames, (I love vintage)

Mum's old china tea set


Our rather full book case

And My sister's rich sticky date pudding.

Things I don't particularly like around the house...

My brother's creepy collection of rubber snakes. (he sometimes sneaks them under my bed covers!)

  And his plastic spiders (which he also sneaks under my bed covers)

What are your likes and dislikes?                       


  1. Pretty post!! (minus the snakes and spiders of course!!) Did you see the AMAZING sunset this evening? I was gorgeous. <3

  2. I couldn't! There are to many trees and clouds around here! Wish I could. I did see pink clouds though!


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