May 13, 2010

This weeks been all about...

Once again Rome.
Today we had a "Roman Morning" and all dressed up like they did, ate the food they did, and read aloud a Roman book. I'll have some photos soon.
On Tuesday we made Catapults. Mini ones anyway and they work would you believe! A couple of popsical sticks and two fat rolls of duck-tape we did it!

My younger brother also made a lego castle two "Destroy" with our catapluts.
Mother's Day went off with a bang. Even though our mother was sick...she enjoyed herself.

Well...I've gotta go travel back in time cook dinner now.


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG Briony it is amazing And that header it is sooooooo cute

  2. It was fun Moriah!
    And thx Laura belle


thank you for just made my day!