May 29, 2010

Our life this with winter, rain, and a good book/video

Its been pretty wet here lately and a bit chilly! Where I live it hasn't snowed in more then 20 years and its only ever snowed once here. Since I live on a mountain we are the ones that get all the wet around here!

What book have I been reading? Well I have an assignment and I have to read this particular book and I totally recommend it for anyone who loves history, (which I do.) Its called 'Augustus Caesar's World' very good, though if you do want to read it just be prepared cause there is some pretty uh, disturbing (as in gross) stuff in there. Other then that its a great read aloud!   

What videos are we watching? Me and my sister are in-love with the Indian based movie called  'Bride and Prejudice'. Its very good. Plenty of dancing.

Then mainly for the boys (I love it too *grin*) is the 'Adventures Of Tintin'  its a cartoon and mystery and we all love it as us older three has read the comic books. Try them out cause they are really good.

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