Apr 29, 2010

School and Signposts

We've started back on school once more and enjoying it.
I'm on a writing assignment on writing a children's book and illustrating it.

I've become quite a bookworm over the holidays and enjoying having something to read.

All of us are finding reading very enjoyable  as we are starting to use Sonlight.

Sitting outside in the sunshine on a small red rug reading is very relaxing and listening to all the wild life around you really tops it off.

We are also making a few cubby holes in the backyard and one is under a huge bush that is like a willow tree and has walls made of heavy leaves and branches and inside is a table, rugs and cardboard boxes to sit upon, and plastic cups and saucers to pretend to eat off. Its really quite cosy.

And our latest invention the signpost.

When we moved here we named all the places cause we have a HUGE backyard...its a field almost.

Anyway there is "Willow Lake" which dried up and "treacle pond" full of tad poles. "dark alley" a spot next to the shed.  "Dirt Hill" that should be called Weed hill.  And a lot more creative and funny names.

So now you see why we made a signpost. Its not quite finished yet but I'll try to get a photo sooner or later.

In the mean time there are these pics.

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