Apr 30, 2010

Roman Days

We are enjoying our studies on Ancient Rome and have been hard at work with pictures, title pages, and maps. I've been reading a number of books on the subject and have an assignment to go alone with it.

My assignment is to read "Augustus Ceasar's World" and pretend I'm a slave girl in the days of the Roman Empire. I have to keep a diary on the subject and present it (with a few illustrations) sometime in May. Some other books I'm reading on the Roman Empire is "The Bronze Bow" a Jewish book on what life was like when Rome ruled all.  Our read aloud is "Detectives In Togas" which I've read before and really enjoyed, yes it does have some murder and plots but other then that a fantastic and exciting book.

Laura and Caleb are still reading "The Magic Tree House" books and starting on the "Boxcar Children" all mystery books and heaps of fun.

Hope you are enjoying you studies as much as we are.


  1. I LOVE the Roman time period. It is my favorite time!!!!! We are learning about Martyr's from the era. And I think that keeping a diary like that is soooo cool! Maybe some time you could post some entry's?

  2. Sure I'd love to post some entrys Moriah! What a great idea!


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