Apr 24, 2010

An entry in my notepad

I have two small note pads that I love to write my almost-every-day-entries in and
its sometimes about the week, the day, a prayer, or even an exciting event and the reason I do it is because when I get older and  grow up and I'd like to look back on my life then. That's one reason why I created a blog but you can't really keep stuff on your blog that you can keep in a journal or diary...you know what I mean?

I love to write and share things and events with others but I just adore writing in a journal, notepad, or diary.

So I'd like to encourage you guys to keep a small not pad or diary and just write about yourself and once you've finished it...keep it, its going to be so special when you grow up!

(And its fun too!)

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  1. I have one to! i call it my diary tho. btw I awarded you! :)


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