Apr 4, 2010

Brown Coat, Blue Jeans, Blades, Bliss.

We've got home about an hour ago from an Easter BBQ.
It was fun...but I was a bit lonely because I have no one my age.

But when we did get home my old deep blue roller blades were sitting at the door, so I got a my second hand big brown coat, one size to big for me...and my old faded blue jeans with a hole in the left knee one size to small for me, my thick pink socks, then I strapped on my blades and I was off...racing round our veranda till it got dark, then I sat down for about fifteen minutes and waited till the street lamp got brighter and brighter.

I wasn't cold...really, not in that coat that smells of moth-balls.

Ahh! Now I'm me again!


  1. Haha fun. But I am terrified of skates. At a birthday party once, it was at the roller rink, I fell and got the wind knocked out of me. I have been deathly afraid ever sense.

    P.S. I love your profile pic!!

  2. ahh, i love outfits like that. one's you feel perfect in, that are so YOU. :)

  3. Thanks Ashley, your are right! If you ever came to my house thats really what i'd be wearing!

  4. It is fun Moriah! Sorry about your fall...and thank about my profile pic...my sister took it!


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