Apr 21, 2010

Books, pictures, and more books

As the rain is still bucketing down, and house is getting used to winter weather what could be more of a perfect moment as to snuggle up in a red easy chair and read?

My younger Brother Caleb, and my younger sister Laura are doing nothing but read all day long!
They are into "The Magic Tree House" series. Talking about them together and challenging each other as to who can read the most.

With me it has to be The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. Since we have had the a long line of colds lately we havn't quite started up on school again, so reading is the option.

Drawing has also been one of my pass times lately and brushing up on some skills has been good for me.
Caleb is also into my drawing guide and Laura. Ewan just colors.

Caleb now calls himself "Champion at checkers and Nintendo Wii" and he is very good at the two, he loves to challenge me to both and he always wins no matter how i want to win try!

Ewan is enjoying himself with the Baby. Teaching her how to cuddle, kiss, and roll a ball. She is learning very quickly too!

Speaking of rolling I have to roll myself to the table for lunch. Bye!


  1. It's raining a lot hear to!

    I'm entering your contest! I posted my shoe's. =D


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