Mar 29, 2010

Coming into winter...cold clear winter...

Mmm...the weather's getting cooler, clothes getting warmer, and a we're all looking forward to a nice log fire.

This must sound funny to those of you who are coming into to summer but really...its just us! ;)

We are all looking forward to Easter now. Ewan is always asking if "the eggies"  are coming soon...but this year Mum wants to show the boys what the true meaning of Easter is.

Soon we (me and my sister) will hopefully be blowing eggs...and of course painting them all "pretty" as any girl who likes colour would say.

I'm hoping to paint a Easter scene of the cross and put it up in our lounge room just for Easter, i always like to be creative on festive occasions. ;)

Tell me what are you doing for Easter? 


  1. For Easter we are having Church, then we are going over to Grandma and Grandpas house!!

  2. Have Fun Moriah!


thank you for just made my day!