Feb 4, 2010

Well i'm here!

I'm in Tassie! I love it already!

The flight was okay but my Dad almost missed the plane okay here is what happened.

3:20am, woke up got ready started driving to the airport.

6:00am, got to the airport...big rush have to be on the plane in five mins!!

6:15, They are calling for us on the loud speaker! Dad has to go park the car in the long term car park far from the airport..NO PARKS LEFT!

6:20 WERE IS DAD???

6:30 plane is having some trouble that gives Dad more time.

6:35 okay Dad is not gonna make it he will have to catch the next plane...:(

6:40 Dad just made it before they shut the doors...FEWWWWW!!!

6:45 LIFT OFF!!! Amazing!

6:47 I'm above the clouds!

(Don't know what time it is) We've arrived in Lansesten airport

Nana's House is small but perfect!

CHLOE!!!! Oh my goodness she's here!!!!! :D

Some morning tea, a play, then Chloe leaves. :(

Uncle Ian and his kids are staying for dinner

Bed times...good night.

And that is the first day.

P.S Can i just say that we are in Tasmania Australia not Tanzania Africa


  1. Close one with your Dad. :) So cool that your having fun!

  2. Moriah tagged me now I'm tagging you!


  3. Monica, Moriah, i may not do those tags right now cause i'm a bit busy is that okay???


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