Feb 8, 2010

Day Three, Four, and Five

I'm really having fun here!!

So here is day three for you.

We spent the morning at home being lazy and watching movies,then our Granddad came (we call him Grampy for short) and drove us to our cousins house, Chloe my best friend and cousin we have a lot of fun together and seeing each other in a different light since we are older is very special.

Aunty Mel (Chloe's and her five other siblings mother) has decorated their house white and it looks beautiful with light blues and pinks and black 'n white and an old fashioned stove it looks just lovely. If you'd like to visit her blog just go to www.sweetblueskydays.blogspot.com she has an amazing blog.

Well thats day three for you day four i'm sure will be just as fun!

Day Four

Today is a BBQ at Uncle Ian's!!!

Swimming pool will be fun and races and...photos.

We had fun.

Day Five

We went to the gorge today and it was just beautiful! It has a long wobberly brige there that is held up over a big river! AHHH! don't worry its not that bad, very safe, even though its 106 years old! :D

looking forwed to day six!

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  1. Fun!! The scenery must be beautiful!!


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